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We know holds significant potential for various markets. It is an attractive choice for businesses related to urban culture, sports like parkour, and urban fashion. But if you are visiting this page you already know that, right? Our is a short, concise, and memorable .com domain name. We designed it to be easy to remember, type, and share. A strong brand is built on a domain that people can easily recall, and fits the bill perfectly.

"Urban Apes" evokes agility, movement, power, and energy. It's a great fit for urban sports enthusiasts, especially in disciplines like parkour or wall climbing. This space could be the meeting place for parkour ninjas and wall climbers, providing valuable content, events promotion, tutorials, and community engagement.

Versatility in Urban Culture:

Urban culture encompasses a wide range of activities, from street art and music to sports and lifestyle. can act as a versatile platform that caters to various aspects of urban culture. It can host blogs, forums, and online communities where individuals passionate about urban lifestyle can come together, share ideas, and collaborate.

But you have the last say.

Ideal for Urban and Street Fashion:

UrbanApes resonates well with the fashion industry. Street fashion brands targeting young, style-conscious individuals can establish a strong online presence using It translates to a trendy, youthful vibe, and aligns with the target demographic of many urban fashion brands.

Global Appeal:

The term "urban" is universal and transcends language barriers. has a global appeal, making it suitable for businesses that cater to an international audience. This global reach can be particularly advantageous for e-commerce platforms, allowing them to reach customers from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Potential for Unique Branding:

Our name "Urban Apes" offers creative opportunities for branding initiatives. Whether it's designing a unique logo, creating engaging marketing campaigns, or establishing a memorable brand identity, the name provides a strong foundation for a distinctive brand in the urban niche.

In conclusion, our is a versatile and powerful premium domain name that can serve as a cornerstone for businesses, communities, and platforms related to urban culture, urban sports, and urban fashion. Its brandability, versatility, and relevance to the target audience make it a compelling choice for entrepreneurs and organizations looking to make an impact in these fields.

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UrbanApes - a history in street fashion

The history of Urban Apes

Did you know Urban Apes has a great record in fashion and design? No one remembers what UA was before 2008, but ever since it is a home of the Urban Apes designer t-shirts.

At that time, we at Zen Studio (graphic and web design studio) were looking for ways to promote our startup and our talents. One of us (probably me) came with the idea of launchng a t-shirt collection - both for retail and for customer gifts. It had to be a product promoting design culture and coolness. Urban Apes was born.

We spent time choosing the best fabrics and printer services. The shirts were sewn by local companies according to our patterns. Then we invented the tee-pizza-packaging. All this costed a fortune, but we are still getting the same feedback from customers 15 years later - "My Urban Apes lasts forever"!

Clearly, UrbanApes was a success that year and the year after.
Then the real work came and it was put on hold ...

Now it is your turn to make it great again!

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